Eyeteam is a business to business consultancy for optometrists, opticians and suppliers within the optical sector.

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Until 2017, Richard and Janet ran Turners Optometrists (later, Turners VisionCare).  They earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality eyecare from within a business supported by the most up to date business practices and systems.

The first optical practice to obtain BS EN ISO 9002 for its quality management systems; the first practice to be accredited to Investors in People Gold Standard and winner of over 20 awards from both within and outside the optical world; Turners VisionCare was always innovative and class leading.

Eyeteam is a Business Consultancy run by Richard and Janet to help other optical businesses develop a strong personality; delivering robust financial performance, a success focussed team culture and a realistic system of fees and charges.  They work with optical practices and high quality industry suppliers to enhance sustainable success.

Contact Richard or Janet for a no-obligation preliminary consultation to see how they can work with you to enhance and develop your business.

Understanding your Business

Having a clear Vision of what you want your business to look like is the starting point for any development. Surprisingly, most business owners are not sure of what their Vision really is. We can use our experience to help you sharpen your focus.

Team Training and Development

Teamwork is key to having a successful, resilient business. Our practice won numerous awards based on the strength of our team development and were the first practice in the UK to win the coveted Investors in People Gold Award. Let us show you how.

Business Improvement

If you know where you are and where you want to go, you can plan a route. Measurement is key to delivering effective, planned change. We can show you how to identify key measures that will help you improve your business.

Meet the experts

Richard Llewellyn

BSc FCOptom, DOrth

A qualified optometrist for over 40 years, Richard ran his own practice for nearly 30 years. He also worked with the AOP, was a College examiner, an adviser for Somerset Health Authority, chairman of DOCET and was Chairman of the development board of examiners for the European Diploma in Optometry. He is a Life Fellow of the College of Optometrists.

He believes passionately that great optometry can only be delivered from a great environment and that a primary eyecare business should be managed and run with people and systems at its heart.

'Great results can only be delivered from a great environment'

  1. Richard Llewellyn
  2. T: 07709696581

Janet Hatt

BA Dip Mgmt

Janet is not an optometrist.  For 25 years she was Business Director at Turners VisionCare, responsible for developing strategy, systems, business planning and ensuring that the Vision of the practice was understood and delivered by a fantastic team.

With her unique collection of qualifications and skills Janet has an ‘outsiders’ eye on what makes a great practice.

Her special skills revolve around the use of data to understand how your business really works and how your team can be developed  to deliver your Vision.

Janet’s mantra is ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’.

Ask her how we can help you understand your business better.


'A great team creates happy clients which produce a great business'

  1. Janet Hatt
  2. T: 07557003420

How we can help

What is a resilient business ?

Successful is not the same as resilient. Even successful businesses can be vulnerable if they are not properly structured. Very successful businesses can still fail if a key member is lost whereas a resilient business will survive.

Some of the key elements of resilience are:

  • The strength of the team and its leadership
  • The relationship the business has with its clients
  • Performance, innovation and sustainable success
  • A culture of excellence
  • Branding and presence
  • Effective communications

Contact Richard or Janet for a no-obligation preliminary consultation to see how they can work with you to enhance and develop your business.

Who are your competitors?

Being good at doing your job just makes you ordinary.  The public (have a right to) expect that.  You are competing with every other service and retailer that is making a bid for the discretionary spending of your clients.  To be great, you need to be exceptional.

What will make them choose you?  The way you do business needs to make your clients love you – so that will come back again and again and recommend you to their friends and family.  An exceptional business doesn’t happen by accident.  It is planned, nurtured, reviewed, developed and ‘owned’ by the whole team.  Are you exceptional or could you be better?

Eyeteam work with leaders to establish where the opportunities are to improve the profitability and resilience of their businesses.

Contact Richard or Janet to discuss how they can work with you to help make your business outstanding.

How much will it cost me?

A preliminary conversation and a summary email will be undertaken without charge. This will help identify whether we will be able to work with you and provide the sort of help you require.

If we are invited to visit your business to discuss development opportunities in detail, we will charge £750 plus expenses (see below) provided we can complete the visit within one working day. A report will then be provided detailing our recommendations and suggesting steps to be taken. Expenses can be reduced if this is undertaken by phone or video call.

Eyeteam.co.uk will work with you on a whole development programme or on individual project elements. We will quote individually once you know what you would like our involvement to be.

Travelling expenses will be claimed at 45p/mile for road journeys or First Class rail fares or air fares and/or taxi where this is quicker. Overnight stays and subsistence will be charged at cost.

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